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Robotboy | Teasebots | Full Episodes | Cartoons for Children | Cartoon Super Heroes

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Robotboy | Teasebots | Full Episodes | Cartoons for Children | Cartoon Super Heroes
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When Donnie beats up Gus at the hospital, Gus craves super strength. Kamikazi plays on this and broadcasts a TV commercial offering super strength through a new kind of candy bar…the Kazicrunch! Naturally, Gus needs little encouragement to seek out this new form of candy and rapidly breaks his promise to Tommy, activating Robotboy to help him in his quest! When Gus finally finds a Kazicrunch bar, he reluctantly shares a piece with Robotboy! The candy jams up Robotboy’s mechanics and almost instantly deactivates him, allowing Kamikazi to swoop!

Robotboy is a cute, cutting-edge, butt-kicking battle robot who dreams of becoming a real boy.

Created by world-renowned scientist Professor Moshimo, Robotboy has the ability to superactivate into a fighting machine capable of destroying entire armies. This attracts the attention of Dr Kamikazi - a hopelessly deluded "evil genius" - intent on harnessing Robotboy's powers to enslave the world.

So Moshimo sends Robotboy far away to live with his number one fan, Tommy Turnbull, in the peaceful Bay Area. But Dr Kamikazi continues to plot and scheme, creating mutant clone armies to capture Robotboy.

And so it is up to Tommy and his two best friends, Gus and Lola, to keep the world's most powerful fighting robot out of harm's way, as well as teaching him what it truly means to be a real boy.

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