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3 Pre-Life Agreements You Made Before You Were Born (and Forgot About)

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This video will show you 3 Pre-Life Agreements You Made (and Forgot About). Transcript below.....

This video will show you three pre-life agreements that you made before you were alive that you may have forgotten. I'm going to share it with you. Ways of remembering this so that you're really able to beat we prefer to be and also able to expand your awareness. Welcome back to another video. My name's Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now this video I'm going to be sharing with you those three pro-life agreements that she made that she totally forgot about. But part of the purposes and maybe one of the things this video can do for you is to allow you to remember those agreements that you've made. Now this also has to do with understanding the grander aspect of who we are at a deeper level now when we tap into this it feels really good it feels really good because we're in a way merging back with our soul.

We're merging back with who we really prefer to be. And that from that point going forward everything in life seems so much easier. So the first part of this is understanding that the main purpose of our life even though we might be our purpose is to you know be a lawyer. Our purpose is to do some specific even though all of that the main purpose of everyone's life I believe is to awaken to the fact that they are the mortal spiritual being having a temporary human experience. Now when we're born on Earth the idea is that what we do is we forget who we are. We forget who we are at a deeper level because if we knew who we really were it wouldn't make the experience as rich as it could possibly be.

Now I originally posted the video very similar to some of these ideas. I got such great feedback that I'm kind of making and adding on to that with this video. And one of the things people said was I could see that a lot of people felt like the pain that they went through in life that this was me gaining all of that same. Why would why would I choose to be here and why would I choose to you know forget all of this of who I naturally are will understand that with this process of forgetting who we are. There's a lot of times a lot of pain that comes with that. There were also a lot of people in that video that assumed that I just I've had this great life and that I've had everything handed to me in my life I've never been through pain.

Now I believe that a lot of people on the path of spiritual awakening have been through an immense amount of pain because sometimes that causes the pressure in order for us to then break outside of that and want to understand more. Now those of you who have been watching my channel know that I've talked about this a couple of times but when I was growing up I was abused by my step mom. She between the ages of like seven to 15 she is very abusive. She was also some very manipulative so there is a psychology to it as well to where we had to constantly like shift are the wave we were being manipulated. And I was allowed to have friends was allowed to really eat that much as roam around nutrition and at the age of 15 then all of a sudden I had all this freedom and for years it was great to have the freedom at 15.

But nonetheless there were still an underlying sense of resistance and of resentment. And it wasn't till I was able to really forgive and really go. That led me to my spiritual awakening which is where I learned a lot of this information that I'm sure in me right now and that's where I became aware that everyone is an immortal spiritual being having a temporary human experience and that when we begin to tap into this everything begins to change because we start to see ourselves different. If we redefine all the pain in our life and that because of that that's where we really expand our awareness. But we must come here and we must forget who we are in order to then remember who we are and I use this analogy in the last video as well imagine a video game you're logged into a video game and if you knew that was just a video game you might just mess around.

You might not really take it seriously you might not get that much out of it but if you were to actually go into a video game and think that that was who you are you...
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This video is about 3 Pre-Life Agreements You Made (and Forgot About)

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